Conditions and treatments – Stroke


Gordie Howe

Gordie Howe’s family shares their experience with hockey legend’s stem cell treatment in Mexico. Learn how NovaStem got in touch with them and the journey to recovery that started at our clinic in Tijuana.



We know when blood flow is impaired to any tissue, it alters the function of that particular organ. BRAIN cells are very sensitive to oxygen levels, if they suffer loss of blood flow and hypoxia it’s likely to find stressed cells and deterioration. TIME is very valuable in seeking treatment in order to regain or recover as much functionality as possible.

Timeline of changes with stroke

If we provide the body with these regenerative tools and ingredients for an enhanced healing process, we might be able to promote and improve blood circulation, recover tissue and regain functionality.

Our body has taken good care of ourselves and we believe that preparing our patients before and after improves the outcomes. By adding occupational therapy, physical therapy, nutrition, improving the microbiome and maintaining muscle mass we help our patients better recover.

If you or someone you know has suffered a stroke, either by a blood clot or bleeding, we may have a treatment option for you.