Conditions and treatments – Spine


Our Spine is the supporting structure for our body. It’s our built-in suspension for movement while also protecting the central wiring network of our nervous system. 

Back in the days, it was normal to experience some kind of lower back pain caused by degeneration of the bones and joints in the spine, or by a deteriorating disc that pinches nerve roots causing movement limitations. 

Now we still can have that but we are seeing it in a younger crowd, healthy athletic individuals are approaching us with lower back pain even neck pain caused by the early onset of inflammation that may evolve into a more serious or premature need of invasive procedures.

Our body is very much like a machine or a car, in the same way that it needs services and maintenance in order to function properly. The use of stem cells and biologics to help your body tackle inflammation and promote healing is a now common treatment option because of it´s value on preserving functionality and recovering structure. 

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