The Procedure

  • Cell Therapy

Step 1 - Pre-Approval Process

Upon filling out and submitting the medical history questionnaire and submitted your medical records, a supervising doctor will evaluate it and determine eligibility for treatment. After initial approval, the supervising doctor will ask the patient to order pre-treatment blood work and some imaging studies before scheduling an appointment.

Step 2 – Approval Process

Once approved for therapy and patient decides to undergo treatment, scheduling and travel planning begin with your patient coordinator. Preparation for treatment will begin with possible adjustments to a patient’s current medications, physical therapy, and/or any other therapy deemed necessary for treatment. All monies due must be paid a week prior to the appointment. If the appointment is cancelled for any reason prior to the day of treatment, all monies will be refunded in full within three business days.

Prior to a patient’s arrival, stem cells are maintained in a cryopreservation state and prepared for therapy. Undergoing a final panel of tests to ensure quality and viability verified by a third party lab, Clínica Santa Clarita performs the testing at its hospital.

Step 3 – Treatment Day

By the time a patient’s therapy appointment arrives, Clínica Santa Clarita’s concierge staff will have been coordinated with all parties involved to make the treatment experience as pleasant as possible. The patient coordinator will work to ensure that a patient and family’s travel arrangements have been planned appropriately.

A private chauffeur will meet patients at their hotel and drive them to the hospital in downtown Tijuana. Most treatments last approximately four hours and do not require an overnight stay. Lunch, if desired, is included for patients and their companion(s) and has many delicious options available from high-quality local establishments in its surrounding area.

Once you arrive to the clinic, you will sign a consent form, where the treatment is exapliend and its possible side effects and the agreement that the treatment about to undergo is still in experimental phases. After that you will have a private consult with the medical team, they will go over your medical history, do a physical examination, and a hypersensitivity test of the final solution of the stem cells. To date, data there has been no allergic reactions reported, but as a precaution the hospital inoculates a small amount of the final stem cell solution into the forearm of the patient, observing any possible allergic reactions for a period of 45 minutes. Comfortably seated and overseen by the skilled staff of bilingual physicians and clinicians, patients will receive a painless, intravenous delivery of adult stem cells.

After treatment, patients will remain in observation until cleared by the medical staff. Patients will be given post therapy instructions, after which CSC’s chauffeur will transport patients back to their accommodations with a spectrum of suggestions of the region’s best leisure offerings.

An overnight stay is required for patients who will receive a combination of neural and mesenchymal stem cells. The procedure is very similar, you will also arrive and sign the consent form, have a consult with the medical and receive a hypersensitivity test. Then the staff will guide you the comfort of our suits where we have a family room and a patient room together for your family members to be with you the whole time you are here. Here they will prep you for the intrathecal application of neural stem cells. Given Mexican regulations and health laws, the application needs to take place in a surgery suite and it is done by an anesthesiologist. The application takes around 15 minutes and then you are transferred to the recovery room where your accompany can see you briefly and where you will remain under observation for about an hour. After that, you are transferred back to your room where you will remain the rest of the day and all night accompanied by our medical staff. Our suits are comfortably equipped with a television with satellite TV, apple TV, and Wi-Fi. The next morning you will receive the intravenous application of mesenchymal stem cells. The intravenous infusion takes around 45 minutes and then the patient remains in observation for two hours. The medical team will then determine if the patient is ready for discharge.

Step 4 - Post Treatment Commitment and Follow-Up

After your application, the medical team will be following up with the patient and its family members’ for six months. Because stem cell therapy is very new, they seek to learn as much as possible from every patient’s results. Therefore, as part of the treatment protocol for clinical trials, patients are asked to take time to answer all questionnaires and take required tests as part of its patients’ follow-up program.

The importance of having the Ethics and Research Committee’s approval for these therapies and processes allows the application of clinical trials with the full consent of the government and Bioethics Committee. With this in place, the E.R.C. is able to approve the hospital’s patient follow-up methodology. Due to these and other protocols, patients receiving therapies are monitored and may have maximum positive results with minimal adverse effects.

Success in stem cell therapy does not depend exclusively on stem cells themselves. Based on experience, patients following post-treatment guidelines will have better results. Therefore, we cannot stress enough the importance of following the hospital’s guidelines.

Step 5 - Getting Started

Please review and fill out medical forms sent by Clínica Santa Clarita to begin the qualification enrollment process.

Step 6 – Aftercare

Clínica Santa Clarita encourages patients to work with their referring physician for any and all follow-up care. For patients to get the most out of their treatment, it’s also recommended to continue physical therapy, healthy nutrition, and family and friends’ support. In the weeks and months following treatment, a specialized medical team will maintain contact with patients’ physicians to compile data regarding the efficacy of stem cell therapy relating to patients’ condition. This data will be verified by a third party Contract Research Organization (CRO) to assure validity.

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