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Inside the Tijuana stem cell clinic that treated Gordie Howe

TIJUANA, Baja (CBS 8) -- Hockey great Gordie Howe continues his remarkable recovery from a stroke after receiving stem cell treatment in Tijuana under a clinical trial.

CBS News 8 traveled south of the border to the clinic where the stem cells – manufactured in San Diego – were implanted into the sports legend known as Mr. Hockey.

Howe was on his death bed last year after suffering a stroke in October.

His son, Murray, had actually started writing his father's eulogy when he received a phone call from a physician at Stemedica, a San Diego based stem cell company.

"When they said, 'We think we can help your father out,' I was beyond skeptical," said Dr. Murray Howe, a body imaging and radiology MD in Toledo, Ohio.

Dr. Howe spoke to CBS News 8 via Skype about the family's decision to take his father to Tijuana to receive stem cell infusions at Norvastem's Clinica Santa Clarita.

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