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The pre-screening process is a very smooth and simple process. Your patient coordinator will be there to guide and assist you along the way. It is very important to have all of the necessary medical information to determine if you are a candidate for treatment. This information will be submitted to a medical team, who will soon determine if you qualify for stem cell therapy. The process follows the five simple steps below:

Step 1 - Fill out an Online Medical Questionnaire

This questionnaire is based on your medical history and can be answered by you or a close family member. It will give the medical team a general idea of your past and current health conditions to help them determine if you are a candidate.

Step 2 - Submit Medical Records

It is very important that in addition to the medical questionnaire, you submit your medical records. These include recent blood work results, medical reports or summaries from your primary care physician or specialist describing your current condition, and imaging tests.

These can be submitted via email to your patient coordinator, fax, or to our mailing address.

If you don’t have this information, please fill out and sign a medical release form so that your patient coordinator can submit it to your doctor's office or hospital and help you obtain the records.

Step 3 - Medical Evaluation

Once the paperwork is submitted via your patient coordinator, the medical team will evaluate it within 3-5 business days. Depending on the inclusion criteria of the condition, they may ask you for more information.

Once the evaluation is ready, the medical team will request a conference call with you. The call will be with the doctor evaluating your case, he will go over treatment details, your particular case, what to expect from the therapy, and answer your questions. Your patient coordinator will also be involved in the call to go over logistic details, explain the fees involved, and assist you with anything you may need to arrange prior to your appointment.

Step 4 - Pre-screening laboratory and imaging tests

Once approved for therapy and before we can schedule your appointment, the medical team will request a list of blood work. These need to be completed before your appointment is confirmed.

Step 5 - Scheduling and Traveling

Once the blood work results have been revised and approved by the medical team, your patient coordinator will work with you to schedule your appointment on the date that best suits you. This can be within a week or two of your blood work being submitted and approved.

Your patient coordinator will inform you on how to prepare for your appointment, recommend hotels in San Diego, schedule your pick up for the day of the treatment, and answer and assist you with any questions you may have along the way.

The general recommendation is for you to arrive a day before your appointment and to leave a day after you are discharged.

Am I a Candidate?

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